We are a creative agency specialising in perfectly pairing art with objects. Founded in 2016, TheDesignWiz was born as a conversation between three friends at a coffee shop! What started as an entrepreneurial experiment and outlet for our passion quickly grew into much more than just selling a few products. While we enjoy working on all kinds of inspired and creative endeavours, we spend the most of our time crafting and thinking about your story and your choices. We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators. We’re serious about delivering great outcomes. We cultivate art and designs using your taste and our talent.


Make clever simple and simple clever We are a small but clever elite team trying to make you find happiness with dedication to craft. With growing demand of trending and classy designs on almost everything, we came up with this store. We like to make simple things that people love to use. Starting from phone cases, we aim to look at providing trendy and geeky products that you need for general use or just show off!! We are the design to your story. Research – Creation – Caffeine – Craft – Refine – Deliver


It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us up at night. We work with respect for each other, and the people who use the things we make every day. We’re designers and innovators, thinkers and strategists. We’re here because we care about what we make as much as how we make it. Because this a place where detail matters. Because we just love this stuff! Living in the normal world is of no use. Don’t believe the hype, be realistic. Try our magical world.


Keep it simple – Keep it real – Quality over quantity Our purpose is to get you a product that tells your story. Grab a mood and leave it to us to match your perfect pick. Express economically!! Soo, welcome to the place where we are the wizards working on your spells! Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; It’s down to , our approach and the way we treat our customers. Good design is good business. WE DESIRE TO DELIVER Authenticity- To be genuine, be vulnerable. Simplicity- Distill to the meaningful and balanced. Drive- Do what you love. Adventure- Take risks and embrace where they take you. Mindfulness- Exercise a nuanced, articulate understanding. Appreciation- Dwell on the good.


We hold firmly to our core values. And we believe doing great work and always trumps the bottom line. We believe in fighting the good fight. If there is a rising tide, we are all floating up together.Our aim is not to disrupt an existing market. It’s creating a new one. Technology doesn’t start revolutions. PEOPLE DO.! Our goal is to produce great work with positive energy.

WHAT’S NEXT??? We started with a simple idea & our mission remains the same: Create high-quality, well-designed goods that we would want to buy ourselves. We won’t keep you guessing for long. We are in process of putting up a manufacturing unit to deliver different products with latest and new trends. Lets enjoy this place together.!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

Ashima Aggarwal
CEO / Founder

Dhawal Srivastava
Marketing Director

Raunak Srivastava
Technical architect

Vasu Aggarwal
Managing Partner